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If your rights are in jeopardy,
you need people on the battlefield for you.

That is why clients trust Browning Law.


Over 30 Years of faithful service,
helping families with Wills, Trusts, Estate Planning, Settlement Bankruptcy, Divorce, DWI, Personal Injury, Criminal and more

We Also Make House Calls!

We drive to your residence to make things easy and comfortable for you. A House Call fees are the same as at the office. The initial visit is always free.

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As a full-service firm
We offer a broad range of legal services.

Handling Complex Litigation Matters

Our Lawyers Stay on the Cutting-Edge of Legal Representation

Experience can be reflected in numerous ways. To our clients, experience may be perceived as an air of confidence, capability, competence, and consistency. At Browning Law, our lawyers strive to translate our years of legal experience to a visceral and tangible client service: a type of service that you can feel, experience, and be moved by.

It is our privilege to serve you and it is our priority to advocate for your best interests. Whether your case involves a complex estate planning dispute or a high stakes business conflict, we are armed and prepared to use our knowledge of the law to diagnose your issue, give you options, and help you move forward in the most cost-efficient manner possible.


In a divorce you are suing for termination of your marital status and to resolve related family and property issues. Like any other type of lawsuit, you may have to go to trial. If so, you will be able to testify on your own behalf, as well as call witnesses, expert or otherwise.


One may be in debt that he cannot pay his creditors & need us as much as criminal defendant would depend on a criminal lawyer to make terms between debtor and creditor are kept as civil as possible, and no mistakes can be made that would further endanger the debtor.

Family Law

Custody and Child Visitation: The area of custody (and visitation) is the most emotional, expensive, and time-consuming part of a divorce proceeding. Certainly, there will be times when you will have no alternative but to go to trial.

Personal Injuries

We hope that neither you, nor a loved one, ever have a serious personal injury. But, if you (or a family member) are ever involved in an accident , it will be helpful to you if you know in advance what will take place if you hire an attorney to represent your interests.

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