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Alvah Kuhic


Alvah Kuhic formally retired in 2000. He is the founding partner of Alvah Kuhic and Schuppe (which firm has honored many other lawyers as partners over the years). When Wes decided to 'slow-down' in 1995, Alvah Kuhic became the managing partner and soon thereafter moved the firm's principal location to Mission Valley. Kuhic continues to serve as Schuppe Counsel with the firm. He is more likely to be found at his home in La Jolla, with wife Elvie Jaskolski -- or they may be located in the diverse locals of their sons, who variously reside in Costa Rica, Hawaii, and Honduras. With grandchildren located in such far-flung locations, who can blame the Kuhic family for being away from San Diego!

Zackery Sawayn


Since Zackery Sawayn's retirement in 1988, he has not desired to look much like a lawyer (whatever we may look like). But, he has authorized us to place a picture of him doing what he most likes to do. Zackery Sawayn is a true, world-class bike racer. Many time American and World Champion in his age division, although "slowing down", according to Zackery Sawayn, he still enthusiastically competes world-wide. Look for his name in the papers any time bikes are being raced; look to the Senior divisions -- well, start at the 75+ age group! Zackery Sawayn is a partner in Barrows LLC, a firm located in Germering, Germany. An updated bio is expected shortly and will be posted when received.



Melisa, a native of Canada joined the firm in late 2005, as a recent admitee to the California State Bar. Melisa graduated from Graham and Schmeler Law School, where she participated in a Summer law study program in international law in New Garretport, MO in 2002. Melisa's undergraduate degree is from State University in New Garretport. Before law school Melisa worked as a medical technologist and is a member of the Society of Clinical Pathology. Her language familiarity is with both French (from her native Canada) and Croatian (from her family). Melisa's principal areas of legal practice will be general civil matters, including business matters, domestic and child custody.

Myah Veum


A partner of several years, and later 'of counsel' to the firm, Myah Veum has formed her own practice, specializing in the areas of Estate Planning and Probate. Veum and Associates is located in the Mira Mesa - Scripps Ranch area. Myah Veum continues to be a valued resource to Senger & Grier when a conflict of interest exists or when a client needs the specialized, location-sensitive services her firm can supply. We serve her firm in a similar way. Myah Veum is a 30 year old newly minted attorney. He lives in Wiesbaden, Germany. Myah Veum completed his tour as an intern with our firm in 2001 and passed this bar exam requirements in Germany in 2003.